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Banish Acid Reflux

Eating Alkaline Can Cure the Burn


The Acidification of the American Diet

Nearly everyone has some reflux, the upward backflow of the stomach’s contents into the esophagus connecting the stomach with the throat, or even up into the throat itself. When it occurs more than twice a week, reflux can progress from a minor irritation causing heartburn to gastroesophageal reflux disease, or...

Dealing With the Fear of Change

Having optimistic expectations when trying something new will help

by Melissa Gray

Focus on the Positive

DDid you know that one of the most common fears is the fear of change? As humans, we strive to connect with things that are...

Hypnosis and the Use of Neuroplasticity

Understanding the Brain's Amazing Abilities

by Frank Garfield and Cheryl Beshada

Strengthen neuro pathways

NNeuroplasticity is the latest flavor of the month in medical circles as science once declared that once brain cells were damaged they could not ever be repaired. We now know that the brain has an amazing ability to build bridges, bypasses and...

The Fatherhood Factor

How Raising Children Changes Men


Defining benchmarks

Becoming a father is one of the most defining benchmarks in a man’s life.

In their research, University of California-Berkeley Psychology Professors Phil Cowan, Ph.D., and Carolyn Cowan, Ph.D., found that...

Reframing Personal Priorities

Craig Hamilton Explores the Gender Gap in Spiritual Growth


Craig Hamilton is a writer, radio host and workshop leader devoted to helping people evolve their consciousness for the greater good. The former managing editor of What is Enlightenment? magazine, Hamilton went on to...

Traveling Volunteers

Doing Good During Time Away


Learn to help others

Ken Budd, former executive director of AARP and current editorin-chief of Currents magazine, says, “I was approaching 40 when my dad died suddenly, and at the funeral, I heard people say how he’d...

Walk This Way

Step Up to Barefoot Benefits


Barefood walking

Barefoot walking conjures images of children playing in open fields and families strolling on a beach, yet it can also embrace many other settings as part of a...

Coloring Our World

How Hues Can Help and Heal


Color's influence

While humans have long appreciated nature’s chromatic displays, it wasn’t until 1666 that Sir Isaac Newton proved that white light from the sun refracted through a prism separates into the individual bandwidths we perceive as...

Grow, Pick, Grill

Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty


Grilled & garden-fresh

In outdoor spaces from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Arch Cape, Oregon, produce is growing and grill embers are glowing. Growing a garden and grilling its bounty have ...

Dad & Daughter Dates

Making the Most of Cherished Time Together


Defining benchmarks

The ancient Greek playwright Euripides, renowned for his Greek tragedies portraying strong female characters, was likely a decent dad. He wrote...

Life Lift

Being Happy from the Inside Out


Secrets to happiness

“Happiness is the only true measure of personal success,” advises Geoffrey James, of Hollis, New Hampshire, author of How to Say It: Business to Business Selling....

Spring Detox

Gentle Natural Cleansing Works Best


o secure optimum performance, maximize lifespan and maintain the warranty of vehicles, knowledgeable drivers follow the regular maintenance needs recommended in the owner’s manual. Similarly, many health practitioners, integrative physicians